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  boolean Entity:PhysicsInitMultiConvex( table vertices, string surfaceprop = "default" )


An advanced version of Entity:PhysicsInitConvex which initializes a physics object from multiple convex meshes. This should be used for physics objects with a custom shape which cannot be represented by a single convex mesh.

If successful, the previous physics object will be removed.

Clientside physics objects are broken and do not move properly in some cases. Physics objects should only created on the server or you will experience incorrect physgun beam position, prediction issues, and other unexpected behavior.

A workaround is available on the Entity:PhysicsInitConvex page.

Issue Tracker: 5060


1 table vertices
A table consisting of tables of Vectors. Each sub-table defines a set of points to be used in the computation of one convex mesh.
2 string surfaceprop = "default"
Physical material from surfaceproperties.txt or added with physenv.AddSurfaceData.


1 boolean
Returns true on success, nil otherwise.


Creates a physics mesh for the entity which consists of two boxes.

local min1 = Vector( -30, -10, 0 ) -- Box1 minimum corner local max1 = Vector( -10, 10, 20 ) -- Box1 maximum corner local min2 = Vector( 10, -5, 10 ) -- Box2 minimum corner local max2 = Vector( 30, 5, 40 ) -- Box2 maximum corner if SERVER then local convex = { { -- Each sub-table is a set of vertices of a convex piece, order doesn't matter Vector( min1.x, min1.y, min1.z ), -- The first box vertices Vector( min1.x, min1.y, max1.z ), Vector( min1.x, max1.y, min1.z ), Vector( min1.x, max1.y, max1.z ), Vector( max1.x, min1.y, min1.z ), Vector( max1.x, min1.y, max1.z ), Vector( max1.x, max1.y, min1.z ), Vector( max1.x, max1.y, max1.z ), }, { -- All these tables together form a concave collision mesh Vector( min2.x, min2.y, min2.z ), -- The second box vertices Vector( min2.x, min2.y, max2.z ), Vector( min2.x, max2.y, min2.z ), Vector( min2.x, max2.y, max2.z ), Vector( max2.x, min2.y, min2.z ), Vector( max2.x, min2.y, max2.z ), Vector( max2.x, max2.y, min2.z ), Vector( max2.x, max2.y, max2.z ), }, } function ENT:Initialize() self:SetModel( "models/props_c17/oildrum001.mdl" ) -- Initializing the multi-convex physics mesh self:PhysicsInitMultiConvex( convex ) self:SetSolid( SOLID_VPHYSICS ) -- Setting the solidity self:SetMoveType( MOVETYPE_VPHYSICS ) -- Setting the movement type self:EnableCustomCollisions( true ) -- Enabling the custom collision mesh self:PhysWake() -- Enabling the physics motion end else local col = Color( 0, 0, 255, 255 ) -- Drawing collision boxes on the client function ENT:Draw() self:DrawModel() local pos, ang = self:GetPos(), self:GetAngles() render.DrawWireframeBox( pos, ang, min1, max1, col ) -- Drawing the first collision box render.DrawWireframeBox( pos, ang, min2, max2, col ) -- Drawing the second collision box end end