Garry's Mod Wiki


  CNavLadder navmesh.CreateNavLadder( Vector top, Vector bottom, number width, Vector dir, number maxHeightAboveTopArea = 0 )


Creates a new CNavLadder.


1 Vector top
The top position of the ladder.
2 Vector bottom
The bottom position of the ladder.
3 number width
Width for the new ladder.
4 Vector dir
Directional vector in which way the ladder should be facing. Please note that ladders can only face in the 4 cardinal directions - NORTH, SOUTH, WEST, EAST.
5 number maxHeightAboveTopArea = 0
If above 0, will limit how much the top of the ladder can be adjusted to the closest CNavArea when automatically connecting the newly created ladder to pre-existing nav areas.


1 CNavLadder
The new CNavLadder or nil if we failed for some reason.