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Sets the height of a RichText element to accommodate the text inside.

This function internally relies on Panel:GetNumLines, so it should be called at least a couple frames after modifying the text using Panel:AppendText


Creates a RichText panel with no set height. The proper height is applied 2 seconds after being created in order to show the difference.

-- Create a window frame TextFrame = vgui.Create("DFrame") TextFrame:SetSize(250, 210) TextFrame:Center() TextFrame:SetTitle("No set height") TextFrame:MakePopup() -- RichText panel local richtext = vgui.Create("RichText", TextFrame) richtext:SetPos(10, 30) richtext:SetWidth(230) -- Block of text richtext:AppendText("#ServerBrowser_ServerWarning_MaxPlayers") function richtext:PerformLayout() self:SetBGColor(Color(0, 0, 0)) end -- Set to full height after 2 seconds timer.Simple(2, function() richtext:SetToFullHeight() TextFrame:SetTitle("Full set height") end)