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  DColorCube:SetColor( table color )


Sets the base color of the color cube and updates the slider position.


1 table color
The color to set, uses Color.


Picks the color at the center screen pixel and applies it to the base color of a color cube and its background panel.

function makeCMenuPicker() -- creating the element local c_w, c_h = ScrW()/2, ScrH()/2 PickerPanel = vgui.Create("DPanel", g_ContextMenu) -- lazy parented to C menu (sandbox + derivatives), normally you would use DFrame PickerPanel:SetSize(120, 120) PickerPanel:SetPos( c_w-60, c_h-150 ) local color_cube = vgui.Create("DColorCube", PickerPanel) -- Color cube color_cube:Dock(FILL) color_cube:DockMargin(15, 15, 15, 0) PickerPanel.cube = color_cube local color_label = vgui.Create("DLabel", PickerPanel) color_label:Dock(BOTTOM) color_label:SetContentAlignment(5) PickerPanel.label = color_label end hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "create_colorpicker_vgui", function() makeCMenuPicker() end) local function updateCube() -- updating the element if !IsValid(PickerPanel) then return end hook.Add("PostRender", "capture_center_pixel", function() render.CapturePixels() -- capture those pixels! local p_r, p_g, p_b = render.ReadPixel(ScrW()/2, ScrH()/2) -- Get the color of the pixel at the center of the screen local to_color = Color(p_r, p_g, p_b) PickerPanel:SetBackgroundColor(to_color) PickerPanel.cube:SetColor(to_color) -- Set the color to the center pixel color PickerPanel.label:SetText(tostring(to_color)) local c, b, va = ColorToHSV(to_color) if va > 0.6 then -- check the brightness and set black if its too light PickerPanel.label:SetTextColor(color_black) end hook.Remove("PostRender", "capture_center_pixel") end) end hook.Add("OnContextMenuOpen", "capture_on_context_open", function() updateCube() end) -- update it on c menu opening!