Garry's Mod Wiki


  boolean Player:CheckLimit( string str )


Checks if the limit of an entity type added by Player:AddCount is hit or not. If it's hit, it will call the GM:PlayerCheckLimit hook, and call Player:LimitHit if the hook doesn't return false.

This will always return true in singleplayer, as singleplayer does not have limits.

This function is only available in Sandbox and its derivatives.


1 string str
The entity type to check the limit for. Default types:
  • "props"
  • "ragdolls"
  • "vehicles"
  • "effects"
  • "balloons"
  • "cameras"
  • "npcs"
  • "sents"
  • "dynamite"
  • "lamps"
  • "lights"
  • "wheels"
  • "thrusters"
  • "hoverballs"
  • "buttons"
  • "emitters"


1 boolean
Returns true if the limit of this type is not hit, false otherwise.