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A vertical list of panels that optionally allows child elements to be rearranged with the mouse cursor.

Child panels' widths are set to the width of the DListLayout, and it resizes vertically to accommodate the heights of all children. You can place this inside a DScrollPanel when adding many panels.

To enable the drag & drop rearrangement functionality, call DDragBase:MakeDroppable on the DListLayout with a unique identifier. All panels added following this will be moveable.


Derives methods, etc not listed on this page from DDragBase.


Implements or overrides the following hooks/methods. If you want to override these, you probably want to call the original function too.


Creates a DListLayout within a DFrame and adds 8 DLabels.

local frame = vgui.Create("DFrame") frame:SetSize(250, 250) frame:SetTitle("DListLayout Example") frame:MakePopup() frame:Center() local layout = vgui.Create("DListLayout", frame) layout:SetSize(100, 100) layout:SetPos(20, 50) --Draw a background so we can see what it's doing layout:SetPaintBackground(true) layout:SetBackgroundColor(Color(0, 100, 100)) layout:MakeDroppable( "unique_name" ) -- Allows us to rearrange children for i = 1, 8 do layout:Add( Label( " Label " .. i ) ) end