Garry's Mod Wiki


The resource library is used to control what files are sent to clients who join a server, this includes models, materials, sounds, text files but not Lua files.


resource.AddFile( string path )
Adds the specified and all related files to the files the client should download. For convenience, this function will automatically add any other files that are related to the selected one, and throw an error if it can't find them. For example, a .vmt file will automatically add the .vtf with the same name, and a .mdl file will automatically add all .vvd, .ani, .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .sw.vtx, .phy and .jpg files with the same name, with a separate error for each missing file. If you do not want it to do th..
resource.AddSingleFile( string path )
Adds the specified file to the files the client should download. If you wish to add textures or models, consider using resource.AddFile to add all the files required for a texture/model. There's a 8192 downloadable file limit.If you need more than 8192, consider using Workshop addons - resource.AddWorkshop. You should also consider the fact that you have way too many downloads. This limit is shared among all resource.Add functions.The file must exist on the server or players will not download it!
resource.AddWorkshop( string workshopid )
Adds a workshop addon for the client to download before entering the server. Having the raw files from a workshop item does not count as having already downloaded it. So players who previously downloaded a map through Fast Download will have to re-download it if you use the workshop. You should try to only add addons that have custom content ( models, sounds, etc ). Gamemodes that are workshop enabled are automatically added to this list - so there's no need to add them. The server's current map is also automatically added, if it is loaded from a workshop addon. This will not "install" the addon on your server, see Workshop for Dedicated Servers for installing Steam Workshop addons onto your servers