Garry's Mod Wiki

Post-Processing Materials

This is a list of default materials which can be used for post-processing. Can be acquired using Material( materialname )

Name Shader Description
pp/bloom g_bloom Used by DrawBloom.
pp/blurscreen GMODScreenspace
pp/blurx g_blurx
pp/blury g_blury
pp/bokehblur g_bokehblur
pp/colour g_colourmodify Used by DrawColorModify.
pp/copy UnlitGeneric Useful for copying one render target to another. Used by halo.
pp/downsample g_downsample Used by DrawBloom.
pp/fb GMODScreenspace frame buffer?
pp/motionblur GMODScreenspace Used by DrawMotionBlur.
pp/rt UnlitGeneric
pp/scene-normal-model g_normals
pp/scene-normal-world g_normals
pp/scene-position-model g_position
pp/scene-position-world g_position
pp/sharpen g_sharpen Used by DrawSharpen.
pp/sobel sobel Used by DrawSobel.
pp/sub Modulate subtract? Used by the halo.
pp/sunbeams g_sunbeams Used by DrawSunbeams.
pp/texturize g_texturize Used by DrawTexturize.
pp/toytown-top refract Used by DrawToyTown.
pp/videoscale g_downsample
pp/videoupscale UnlitGeneric
pp/morph/brush_outline UnlitGeneric
pp/morph/brush1 UnlitGeneric
pp/morph/refract g_refract