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  boolean Entity:PassesFilter( Entity caller, Entity ent )


Tests whether the entity passes the entity filter.

This will call ENTITY:PassesFilter on scripted entities of the type "filter".

This function only works on entities of the type "filter". ( filter_* entities, including base game filter entites )


1 Entity caller
The initiator of the test.

For example the trigger this filter entity is used in.

2 Entity ent
The entity to test against the entity filter.


1 boolean
Whether the entity info passes the entity filter.


Ready-to-use entity for controlling Hammer entities through Lua (for example for trigger_teleport). This entity works like a CRecipientFilter: filter has a list of allowed and not allowed entities for each trigger. Note, you can add not only players.

-- entities/filter_lua.lua ENT.Type = "filter" -- This should be set or the entity won't work ENT.Base = "base_filter" -- Base function ENT:Initialize() self.Lists = {} -- Creating lists end function ENT:AttachToEntity(ent) -- Attaches filter to the entity ent:SetSaveValue("m_hFilter", self) self.Lists[ent] = {} end function ENT:AddPlayer(ent, ply, shouldTrigger) -- Adds player to the list. `shouldTrigger` decides if the player can use this entity if not self.Lists[ent] then error("Attach filter to the entity first") end self.Lists[ent][ply] = not shouldTrigger end function ENT:AddAllPlayers(ent, shouldTrigger) -- Adds all players. Same as ENT:AddPlayer if not self.Lists[ent] then error("Attach filter to the entity first") end for k, v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do self.Lists[ent][v] = not shouldTrigger end end function ENT:PassesFilter(trigger, ent) -- The core of the entity. This decides if the entity is able to use the trigger. return not self.Lists[trigger][ent] end -- autorun/server/filter.lua (this is just an example of usage) local function CreateLuaFilter() if LuaFilter then LuaFilter:Remove() -- If we have our entity, remove it end LuaFilter = ents.Create("filter_lua") -- Creates the entity LuaFilter:Spawn() for k, v in ipairs(ents.FindByClass("trigger_teleport")) do -- Attaching all trigger_teleport's on the map to our entity LuaFilter:AttachToEntity(v) -- Attach LuaFilter:AddAllPlayers(v, false) -- Add all players and set the filter to `false` for them. So all players won't trigger the teleport LuaFilter:AddPlayer(v, Entity(1), true) -- Exclude first player. This makes the first player to be able to use teleport. end end hook.Add("InitPostEntity", "CreateLuaFilter", CreateLuaFilter) -- This automatically creates the entity when map is loaded hook.Add("PostCleanupMap", "CreateLuaFilter", CreateLuaFilter) -- This automatically creates the entity after map cleanup