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boolean GM:PlayerCanPickupWeapon( Player ply, Weapon wep )


Returns whether or not a player is allowed to pick up a weapon.


1 Player ply
The player attempting to pick up the weapon
2 Weapon wep
The weapon entity in question


1 boolean
Allowed pick up or not


Disallows picking up a weapon if player already has this weapon. ( Prevents ammo pickups from lying guns )

hook.Add( "PlayerCanPickupWeapon", "noDoublePickup", function( ply, wep ) if ( ply:HasWeapon( wep:GetClass() ) ) then return false end end )


Players can only pick up the HL2 Pistol.

hook.Add( "PlayerCanPickupWeapon", "OnlyPistol", function( ply, wep ) return (wep:GetClass() == "weapon_pistol") end )


How you could give a player an alternate weapon to the one they picked up (such as an RPG Launcher rather than a pistol)

hook.Add( "PlayerCanPickupWeapon", "NoPistolGiveFists", function( ply, wep ) if wep:GetClass() == "weapon_pistol" then -- if the weapon they are trying to pick up is a pistol ply:Give( "weapon_rpg" ) -- give them an RPG wep:Remove() -- remove the one they were trying to pick up return false -- don't give them a pistol end end )

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