Garry's Mod Wiki


  table ents.FindInBox( Vector boxMins, Vector boxMaxs )


Returns all entities within the specified box.

Clientside entities will not be returned by this function.
There is a limit of 512 entities for the output!


1 Vector boxMins
The box minimum coordinates.
2 Vector boxMaxs
The box maximum coordinates.


1 table
A table of all found entities.


Returns a table of players in a box using ents.FindInBox

function ents.FindPlayersInBox( vCorner1, vCorner2 ) local tEntities = ents.FindInBox( vCorner1, vCorner2 ) local tPlayers = {} local iPlayers = 0 for i = 1, #tEntities do if ( tEntities[ i ]:IsPlayer() ) then iPlayers = iPlayers + 1 tPlayers[ iPlayers ] = tEntities[ i ] end end return tPlayers, iPlayers end