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Called when we are about to draw the world model.


The default action - render the world model.

function SWEP:DrawWorldModel() self:DrawModel() end


Draw The World model when needed. Placing the SWEPs World model in the right hand of the Player.

-- ... SWEP.HoldType = "pistol" -- You might need to do self:SetHoldType(self.HoldType) under the initialization hook for the SWEP. if CLIENT then local WorldModel = ClientsideModel(SWEP.WorldModel) -- Settings... WorldModel:SetSkin(1) WorldModel:SetNoDraw(true) function SWEP:DrawWorldModel() local _Owner = self:GetOwner() if (IsValid(_Owner)) then -- Specify a good position local offsetVec = Vector(5, -2.7, -3.4) local offsetAng = Angle(180, 90, 0) local boneid = _Owner:LookupBone("ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand") -- Right Hand if !boneid then return end local matrix = _Owner:GetBoneMatrix(boneid) if !matrix then return end local newPos, newAng = LocalToWorld(offsetVec, offsetAng, matrix:GetTranslation(), matrix:GetAngles()) WorldModel:SetPos(newPos) WorldModel:SetAngles(newAng) WorldModel:SetupBones() else WorldModel:SetPos(self:GetPos()) WorldModel:SetAngles(self:GetAngles()) end WorldModel:DrawModel() end end

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