Garry's Mod Wiki

Default Lists

This is a table of default lists returned by list.GetTable in the Sandbox gamemode.

TODO: Examples for use

Name Description
DesktopWindows Context menu icon buttons on the upper left corner of the screen
PlayerOptionsModel Models able to be used as Playermodels
PlayerOptionsAnimations Animations able to be set for a playermodel's preview
SkeletonConvertor Sensorbone defintions for player models used with the Kinect motion sensor (See motionsensor)

Spawnmenu lists

Name Description
NPC NPCs spawnable from the NPC tab
NPCUsableWeapons Weapons able to be used by NPCs
OverlayMaterials Post process screen overlay textures
PostProcess Post process lua effects
SpawnableEntities SENTs spawnable from the SENT tab. Automatically added with scripted_ents.Register with any meta-created SENT
TexturizeMaterials Materials used for the Post Process Texturizers
Vehicles Vehicles spawnable from the Vehicles tab
Weapon Weapons spawnable from the Weapons tab. Automatically added with weapons.Register with any meta-created SWEP


Name Description
BalloonModels Models spawnable with the Balloon tool
ButtonModels Models used for the useable Button tool
DynamiteModels Models able to be used as Dynamite
EffectType Effects spawnable with the Emitter tool
HoverballModels Models able to be used as Hoverballs
LampModels Models able to be used as Lamps
LampTextures Materials able to be cast as Lamp textures
OverrideMaterials Materials applied using the Material tool
PaintMaterials Decals paintable with the Paint tool
PhysicsMaterials Physics material properties applied with the Physical Properties tool
RenderFX Render FX available form the Color tool
RenderModes Entity render modes available from the Color tool
RopeMaterials Materials used by the Rope tool
ThrusterEffects Effects able to be used on Thrusters
ThrusterModels Models able to be used as Thrusters
ThrusterSounds Sounds able to be used on Thrusters
trail_materials Materials used for the Trail tool
WheelModels Models able to be used as Wheels