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Enumerations used by CTakeDamageInfo:GetDamageType, CTakeDamageInfo:SetDamageType and CTakeDamageInfo:IsDamageType.

This enumeration is a bit field/bitflag, which means that you can combine multiple damage types using the bit library. You can use to test if a specific damage type is set.


DMG_GENERIC0Generic damage (used by weapon_fists)
DMG_CRUSH1Caused by physics interaction and ignored by airboat drivers. This is used by the Rollermine and an unused animation attack called 'Fireattack' by the Antlion Guard ACT_RANGE_ATTACK1
DMG_BULLET2Bullet damage from Ceiling Turrets, the Strider, Turrets and most guns.
DMG_SLASH4Used by the Stunstick, Manhacks, Antlions, Antlion Guards, Headcrabs, Fast Headcrabs, all Zombies types, Hunter, and potentially other NPCs attacks
DMG_BURN8Damage from fire
DMG_VEHICLE16Hit by a vehicle (This will need to be set for passengers of some vehicle to receive damage)
DMG_FALL32Fall damage
DMG_BLAST64Explosion damage like grenades, helicopter bombs, combine mines, Will be ignored by most vehicle passengers.
DMG_CLUB128Blunt attacks such as from the Crowbar, Antlion Guard & Hunter
DMG_SHOCK256Electrical damage, shows smoke at the damage position and its used by Stalkers & Vortigaunts
DMG_SONIC512Sonic damage, used by the Gargantua and Houndeye NPCs
DMG_ENERGYBEAM1024Laser damage
DMG_PREVENT_PHYSICS_FORCE2048Prevent a physics force.
DMG_NEVERGIB4096Crossbow damage, never creates gibs.
DMG_ALWAYSGIB8192Always create gibs
DMG_DROWN16384Drown damage
DMG_NERVEGAS65536Neurotoxin damage
DMG_POISON131072Poison damage used by Antlion Workers & Poison Headcrabs.
DMG_RADIATION262144Radiation damage & it will be ignored by most vehicle passengers
DMG_DROWNRECOVER524288Damage applied to the player to restore health after drowning
DMG_ACID1048576Toxic chemical or acid burn damage used by the Antlion Workers
DMG_SLOWBURN2097152In an oven
DMG_REMOVENORAGDOLL4194304Don't create a ragdoll on death
DMG_PHYSGUN8388608Damage done by the gravity gun.
DMG_PLASMA16777216Plasma damage
DMG_AIRBOAT33554432Airboat gun damage
DMG_DISSOLVE67108864Forces the entity to dissolve on death. This is what the combine ball uses when it hits a target.
DMG_BLAST_SURFACE134217728This won't hurt the player underwater
DMG_DIRECT268435456Direct damage to the entity that does not go through any damage value modifications
DMG_BUCKSHOT536870912The pellets fired from a shotgun
DMG_SNIPER1073741824Damage from SniperRound/SniperPenetratedRound ammo types
DMG_MISSILEDEFENSE2147483648Damage from npc_missiledefense, npc_combinegunship, or monster_mortar