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Steam Workshop Rules

This page describes rules for all Steam Workshop submissions in Garry's Mod Hub.

Violating the rules will get your submission banned. It will only be viewable by you.

Addons & Collections

Rules applied to Garry's Mod addons uploaded to Steam Workshop.

Steam ToS rules

Our rules

  • Do not upload addons with malicious elements - All addons containing any sort of exploits or backdoors will be removed. This includes giving yourself elevated access over other users (SteamID checks, Giving yourself Admin status, RunString, spawning entities, etc), forcing people to be connected to different servers against their will, crashing or otherwise preventing the player from using the addon in private or on their servers.
    • Doing so will get your account permanently banned from the Garry's Mod Game Hub!
  • Do not release stolen code - All addons that are proven to have stolen code will also be taken down.
  • Do not upload retail game content - All addons containing any content from a paid game (e.g. CS:S, Portal or Half-Life 2 games) will be removed. This includes props that are required for your addons to work. Your account can be terminated for this!
  • Avoid requiring other addons - In some cases this is permissible - like if it's an addon for a gamemode. If your addon does require another addon - it shouldn't error if that addon isn't present. It should just do nothing.
  • Avoid uploading packs - Unless they're all your work. A pack of your maps is fine. A pack of maps you found that you think are cool is not fine. A pack of your weapons are fine. A pack of cool weapons you downloaded is not fine. You should use Workshop collections instead.
  • Make an effort with the thumbnail - Addons with blank or irrelevant thumbnails will be taken down. If you can't be bothered to make an icon for it then don't bother uploading it. You can learn how to update your icons here.
  • Do not upload broken addons - Erroring addons will be removed. This includes Lua errors, missing custom models, sounds or materials. You should test your addons in Dev Branch to make sure it is not broken in the next version of the game.
  • Do not upload multi-part addons - What this means is that if your addon won't fit in a single addon - do not upload it.
  • Do not reupload addons - Reuploaded addons will be taken down. Search workshop before uploading. Reuploading workshop addons is strictly forbidden, whatever the reupload reason is. (Even if the original workshop addon was removed)
  • Do not reupload newer versions of your addons - Update the old one, don't upload a new one. Duplicates will be removed.
  • Do not abuse tags - Mistagged addons will be taken down. This is mostly applicable to the gamemode tag, if you are uploading a content pack for your server, tag it as such. (ServerContent) Having all of the tags on the same addon is also forbidden.
  • Do not upload empty or placeholder addons - Addons that require user to download something from description (an external link) are not allowed.
  • Do not upload 'test' addons - Empty addons or addons with no content are pointless and should not be uploaded. Make effort with the content you upload.
  • Do not put intrusive/web advertisements into your addons - Self-explanatory, Steam Workshop is a place for people to get their addons/mods, not adware. Any pop up ads are not allowed, including server ads. For ads of servers that use the addon a single chat message is ok.
  • Everyone is allowed to use addons you upload - Steam Workshop is not your personal file hosting, it is a distribution service for user generated content. By uploading your addons to Steam Workshop you agree that anyone can download and use your uploaded content. Things like "you are not allowed to use this addon on your server" or "this was made for only this server" are not permitted on Steam Workshop. Adding code (or entities on your maps, etc.) that would discourage or prevent players from being able to use your addon on their servers or in singleplayer falls into the "Malicious Code" category.

Videos, Screenshots, Artwork and Addon Icons

These rules apply to videos, screenshots, artwork and addon icons.

Steam ToS rules

Our rules

  • Do not advertise servers in the artwork section - Garry's Mod Artwork section is not an advertising board.

Icon specific rules

  • Should be relevant to the addon/collection. Random icons for the sake or uploading an addon are frowned upon.
    • Must not be blank
    • Must not be NSFW

Other notes

  • You can monetize your videos with YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video hosting services.


Rules applied to guides.

Steam ToS rules

Our rules

  • The guide must be tagged appropriately. Tagging a guide with every tag is not permitted.
  • It must be an actual guide or a tutorial.
    • A collection of images is not a valid guide.
  • The submission should be made for/about Garry's Mod or Source Engine.

Things to clear up

You should avoid publishing this content. It is unknown if it is permitted on Steam.

  • Controversial historical or religious figures or events (characters, symbols, recreations)

My addon/workshop item was marked incompatible or banned, what do I do?

Do not reupload it. Read the rules for the workshop item type on this page. (If your addon was banned, read addon rules, etc).

Look through each rule and see if your addon violates it. If it does, make sure to alter it so it does not.

Once you fixed your addon, write to for appealing your ban/flag for incompatible.