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  CSEnt ClientsideRagdoll( string model, number renderGroup = RENDERGROUP_OPAQUE )


Creates a fully clientside ragdoll.

The ragdoll initially starts as hidden and with shadows disabled, see the example for how to enable it.

There's no need to call Entity:Spawn on this entity.

The physics won't initialize at all if the model hasn't been precached serverside first.

Clientside entities are not garbage-collected, thus you must store a reference to the object and call CSEnt:Remove manually.

Issue Tracker: 1387


1 string model
The file path to the model.

Model must be precached with util.PrecacheModel on the server for physics to work. This will be fixed in the next update.
2 number renderGroup = RENDERGROUP_OPAQUE
The RENDERGROUP enum to assign.


1 CSEnt
The newly created client-side ragdoll. ( C_ClientRagdoll )


Creates a new ragdoll with the player model of breen and enables rendering and shadows.

local ragdoll = ClientsideRagdoll( "models/player/breen.mdl" ) ragdoll:SetNoDraw( false ) ragdoll:DrawShadow( true )