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VGUI Element List

This is a list of all the VGUI elements that are shipped with Garry's Mod and its default gamemodes. If you're new to working with panels, you can find some information on this tutorial page.

You can type derma_controls in console to get a visual example of some of these elements.

Preview Name Description
DAdjustableModelPanel A panel containing a model which angles are modifiable by using the keyboard and mouse
DAlphaBar Alpha picker (opaque - translucent)
DBinder Input which can bind a command to a key. Used for binding in and outputs of STOOLs
DBubbleContainer A speech bubble panel made up of a rounded box and point coming from the bottom.
DButton A button
DCategoryList A categorylist is an element which should contain a child panel. The player can press the blue bar on the categorylist for the childpanel to get hidden.
DCheckBox A checkbox
DCheckBoxLabel A checkbox with an accompanying label.
DCollapsibleCategory Collapsible Category Panel
DColorButton Colorful buttons.
DColorCombo DColorCombo
DColorCube A cube containing gradients which a player can pick a color from
DColorMixer A RGBA color mixer
DColorPalette Color picker
DColumnSheet Similar to the DPropertySheet but vertical.
DComboBox A field with multiple selectable values
DDragBase DDragBase
DDrawer DDrawer
DEntityProperties DEntityProperties
DExpandButton DExpandButton
DFileBrowser A file browser
DForm An easy form with functions to quickly add form elements
DFrame A simple window
DGrid A really simple grid layout panel
DHorizontalDivider Creates a horizontal divider that can be dragged between objects.
DHorizontalScroller Creates a horizontal scrolling list of panels.
DHTML VGUI HTML Panel using Awesomium. Capable of running Lua input from the webpage
DHTMLControls Controls for DHTML
DIconBrowser DIconBrowser
DIconLayout Used to make a list of panels. Replaces DPanelList.
DImage A simple image
DImageButton A button which uses an image instead of text
DKillIcon A kill icon
DLabel A standard Derma text label
DLabelEditable DLabelEditable
DLabelURL A DLabel which is underlined. (Note: does not have a DoClick function)
DListLayout DListLayout
DListView Columned list view
DListView_Column DListView_Column
DListView_ColumnPlain DListView_ColumnPlain
DListView_DraggerBar DListView_DraggerBar
DListViewHeaderLabel DListViewHeaderLabel
DListViewLabel DListViewLabel
DListViewLine DListViewLine (alias: DListView_Line)
DMenu A menu
DMenuBar DMenuBar
DMenuOption DMenu option line
DMenuOptionCVar DMenuOptionCVar
DModelPanel A panel containing a model (or ragdoll) which rotates around.
DNotify Text that pulses.
DNumberScratch Input similar to number slider but with the ability to scale for more precision.
DNumberWang Input with up and down buttons which can only hold a number.
DNumSlider Numeric slider with text field for manual entering of value.
DPanel Derma panel used for parenting of various VGUI elements
DPanelOverlay DPanelOverlay
DProgress Derma progressbar
DProperty_Boolean DProperty_Boolean
DProperty_Float DProperty_Float
DProperty_Generic DProperty_Generic
DProperty_Combo DProperty_Combo
DProperty_Int DProperty_Int
DProperty_VectorColor DProperty_VectorColor
DProperties A property grid
DPropertySheet A panel consisiting of multiple tabs (which optionally have icons) that hold a variety of elements.
DRGBPicker A RGB color picker
DScrollPanel DScrollPanel (Dock layout panels to this for a scrollbar)
DScrollBarGrip The "grip" part of a scrollbar.
DShape A shape.
DSizeToContents DSizeToContents
DSlider A multidirectional slider (capable of sliding across X and Y axis)
DSprite A sprite
DTab A tab for internal use on the DPropertySheet.
DTextEntry An advanced TextEntry
DTileLayout DTileLayout, probably used in the spawn
DTooltip A tooltip. Not to be used on itself, use Panel:SetTooltip instead.
DTree Tree view.
DTree_Node Node of a DTree (internal)
DTree_Node_Button The expand button on a DTree_Node (internal)
DVerticalDivider Creates a vertical divider that can be dragged between objects.
DVScrollBar Vertical scrollbar
ImageCheckBox Checkbox which uses material to indicate if it's on
Material Used for drawing a certain material, no user input
MatSelect Material selection element
SpawnIcon Creates a spawnicon including the right-click menu (size, redraw etc.)

Engine-based panels

Name Description
AchievementIcon Shows achievement icon.
Awesomium Awesomium! Parent of HTML and DHTML
AvatarImage A panel used to view a players avatar
CheckButton An engine checkbox
EditablePanel Base panel used by DFrame, this panel is needed so that elements such as the TextEntry can obtain focus
Frame A window that in which you can place just about every other component and even another frame
HTML The basic HTML view, can be used instead of DHTML for operations that do not require user input or complex interaction, such as retrieving image data
Label Basic text label
ModelImage Panel used to display models, used by SpawnIcon
Panel Base Panel for everything
RadioButton Currently broken
RichText Highly functional rich text element which is used in the default chatbox and console
TextEntry Basic text entry field that has not as much added functionality as DTextEntry
TGAImage Panel capable of showing a TGA image

Sandbox-based panels

Name Description
ContentIcon The spawn icon used for SWEPs and other SENTs.
ControlPresets The preset controller used in tool menus.
CtrlListBox A simple drop-down list for use mainly in tool menus.
PropSelect PropSelect
fingerposer The fingerposer (internal)
FingerVar Part of fingerposer (internal)
ContextBase ContextBase

Deprecated panels

Name Description
Button Basic button, now replaced by DButton
Slider A simple, straight-forward and easy-to-use slider
SlideBar A slidebar
PanelList PanelList
DPanelSelect A list of panels, of which only one can be selected
DPanelList Deprecated in GM13 in favour of DIconLayout and DLineLayout.
DNumPad DNumPad, not used anymore in GMod 13
DModelSelectMulti DModelSelectMulti
DModelSelect A panel of selectable SpawnIcons.
DListBox DListBox
DListBoxItem DListBoxItem