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  boolean Entity:Visible( Entity target )


Returns whether the target/given entity is visible from the this entity.

This is meant to be used only with NPCs.

Differences from a simple trace include:

  • If target has FL_NOTARGET, returns false
  • If ai_ignoreplayers is turned on and target is a player, returns false
  • Reacts to ai_LOS_mode:
    • If 1, does a simple trace with COLLISION_GROUP_NONE and MASK_BLOCKLOS
    • If not, does a trace with MASK_BLOCKLOS_AND_NPCS ( - CONTENTS_BLOCKLOS is target is player ) and a custom LOS filter ( CTraceFilterLOS )
  • Returns true if hits a vehicle the target is driving


1 Entity target
Entity to check for visibility to.


1 boolean
If the entities can see each other.

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