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Enumerations used as trace masks in Trace structure and HullTrace structure. These enumerations are simply combinations of CONTENTS enum.


MASK_ALL4294967295Anything that is not empty space
MASK_BLOCKLOS16449Anything that blocks line of sight for AI
MASK_BLOCKLOS_AND_NPCS33570881Anything that blocks line of sight for AI or NPCs
MASK_CURRENT16515072Water that is moving (may not work)
MASK_DEADSOLID65547Anything that blocks corpse movement
MASK_NPCSOLID33701899Anything that blocks NPC movement
MASK_NPCSOLID_BRUSHONLY147467Anything that blocks NPC movement, except other NPCs
MASK_NPCWORLDSTATIC131083The world entity
MASK_OPAQUE16513Anything that blocks lighting
MASK_OPAQUE_AND_NPCS33570945Anything that blocks lighting, including NPCs
MASK_PLAYERSOLID33636363Anything that blocks player movement
MASK_PLAYERSOLID_BRUSHONLY81931World + Brushes + Player Clips
MASK_SHOT1174421507Anything that stops a bullet (including hitboxes)
MASK_SHOT_HULL100679691Anything that stops a bullet (excluding hitboxes)
MASK_SHOT_PORTAL33570819Solids except for grates
MASK_SOLID33570827Anything that is (normally) solid
MASK_SOLID_BRUSHONLY16395World + Brushes
MASK_SPLITAREAPORTAL48Things that split area portals
MASK_VISIBLE24705Anything that blocks line of sight for players
MASK_VISIBLE_AND_NPCS33579137Anything that blocks line of sight for players, including NPCs
MASK_WATER16432Anything that has water-like physics