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  number jit.util.ircalladdr( number index )


We advise against using this. It may be changed or removed in a future update. This function was disabled due to security concerns. It will always return 0.

Gets the address of a function from a list of functions, for the list see Ircalladdr Functions

This function isn't officially documented on LuaJIT wiki, use it at your own risk.


1 number index
The index of the function address to get from the ircalladdr func array (starting from 0)


1 number
The address of the function.
It will return 0 if the index is reserved.
in the x86-64 versions the index is reserved up to 102.
in all other versions it is reserved until 71.


Get the address of sinh (ircalladdr array function #15)

local sinhAddress = jit.util.ircalladdr(14) print(sinhAddress)