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  boolean, vararg xpcall( function func, function errorCallback, vararg arguments )


Attempts to call the first function. If the execution succeeds, this returns true followed by the returns of the function. If execution fails, this returns false and the second function is called with the error message.

Unlike in pcall, the stack is not unwound and can therefore be used for stack analyses with the debug.

This cannot stop errors from hooks called from the engine.

Issue Tracker: 2036
This does not stop Error and ErrorNoHalt (As well as include) from sending error messages to the server (if called clientside) or calling the GM:OnLuaError hook. The success boolean returned will always return true and thus you will not get the error message returned. error does not exhibit these behaviours.

Issue Tracker: 2498


1 function func
The function to call initially.
2 function errorCallback
The function to be called if execution of the first fails; the error message is passed as a string.

You cannot throw an error() from this callback: it will have no effect (not even stopping the callback).

3 vararg arguments
Arguments to pass to the initial function.


1 boolean
Status of the execution; true for success, false for failure.
2 vararg
The returns of the first function if execution succeeded, otherwise the first return value of the error callback.


Using xpcall to catch an error.

local function test() aisj() end local function catch( err ) print( "ERROR: ", err ) end print( "Output: ", xpcall( test, catch ) )
ERROR: lua/wiki/xpcall_example.lua:2: attempt to call global 'aisj' (a nil value) Output: false nil