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  Entity, Entity constraint.Motor( Entity Ent1, Entity Ent2, number Bone1, number Bone2, Vector LPos1, Vector LPos2, number friction, number torque, number forcetime, number nocollide, number toggle, Player pl, number forcelimit, number numpadkey_fwd, number numpadkey_bwd, number direction, Vector LocalAxis )


Creates a motor constraint.


1 Entity Ent1
First entity.
2 Entity Ent2
Second entity.
3 number Bone1
Bone of first entity (0 for non-ragdolls)
4 number Bone2
Bone of second entity (0 for non-ragdolls)
5 Vector LPos1
6 Vector LPos2
7 number friction
8 number torque
9 number forcetime
10 number nocollide
Whether the entities should be no-collided.
11 number toggle
Whether the constraint is on toggle.
12 Player pl
The player that will be used to call numpad.OnDown and numpad.OnUp.
13 number forcelimit
Amount of force until it breaks (0 = unbreakable)
14 number numpadkey_fwd
The key binding for "forward", corresponding to an Enums/KEY
15 number numpadkey_bwd
The key binding for "backwards", corresponding to an Enums/KEY
16 number direction
17 Vector LocalAxis


1 Entity
Constraint. Will return false if the constraint could not be created.
2 Entity
axis. Will return nil if the constraint could not be created.

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