Garry's Mod Wiki


  boolean, table game.MountGMA( string path )


Mounts a GMA addon from the disk. Can be used with steamworks.DownloadUGC

Any error models currently loaded that the mounted addon provides will be reloaded.

Any error materials currently loaded that the mounted addon provides will NOT be reloaded. That means that this cannot be used to fix missing map materials, as the map materials are loaded before you are able to call this.


1 string path
Location of the GMA file to mount, retrieved from steamworks.DownloadUGC or relative to the garrysmod/ directory (ignores mounting). This file does not have to end with the .gma extension, but will be interpreted as a GMA.


1 boolean
2 table
If successful, a table of files that have been mounted


Downloads the Playable Piano addon and mounts the content.

steamworks.DownloadUGC( "104548572", function( path ) game.MountGMA( path ) end)