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Set the schedule we should be playing right now. Allows the NPC to start either a Lua schedule or an engine schedule. Despite sharing the same name as CAI_BaseNPC::SelectSchedule(), this isn't hooked to that function; this is called by Lua's ENTITY:RunAI, doesn't return an engine function, returning an engine function doesn't help and doesn't make the NPC start an engine schedule. To alter initial engine schedule, it is recommended to use ENT:TranslateSchedule.

This is a helper function only available if your SENT is based on base_ai


Creates a new schedule and assigns it to a scripted NPC.

local schdTest = ai_schedule.New( "Test Schedule" ) schdTest:EngTask( "TASK_GET_PATH_TO_RANDOM_NODE", 128 ) schdTest:EngTask( "TASK_RUN_PATH", 0 ) schdTest:EngTask( "TASK_WAIT_FOR_MOVEMENT", 0 ) function ENT:SelectSchedule() self:StartSchedule( schdTest ) end
Output: The scripted NPC will run around when spawned.