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Tables used for bullets see Entity:FireBullets and GM:EntityFireBullets.


Attacker [Entity]

The entity that should be reported as attacker eg. a player

By default this would be set to the entity Entity:FireBullets is called on.

Callback [function]

Function to be called after the bullet was fired but before the damage is applied (the callback is called even if no damage is applied). The arguments are:

Damage [number]

The damage dealt by the bullet

Force [number]

The force of the bullets

Distance [number]

Maximum distance the bullet can travel

HullSize [number]

The hull size of the bullet

Num [number]

The amount of bullets to fire

Tracer [number]

Show tracer for every x bullets

AmmoType [string]

The ammunition name

TracerName [string]

The tracer name. You can find a list of default effects here.

Dir [Vector]

The fire direction

Spread [Vector]

The spread, only x and y are needed

Src [Vector]

The position to fire the bullets from

IgnoreEntity [Entity]

The entity that the bullet will ignore when it will be shot.

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