Garry's Mod Wiki




EFL_KILLME1This entity is marked for death -- This allows the game to actually delete ents at a safe time.

You should never set this flag manually.
EFL_DORMANT2Entity is dormant, no updates to client
EFL_NOCLIP_ACTIVE4Lets us know when the noclip command is active
EFL_SETTING_UP_BONES8Set while a model is setting up its bones
EFL_KEEP_ON_RECREATE_ENTITIES16This is a special entity that should not be deleted when we respawn entities via game.CleanUpMap.
EFL_HAS_PLAYER_CHILD16One of the child entities is a player
EFL_DIRTY_SHADOWUPDATE32(Client only) need shadow manager to update the shadow
EFL_NOTIFY64Another entity is watching events on this entity (used by teleport)
EFL_FORCE_CHECK_TRANSMIT128The default behavior in ShouldTransmit is to not send an entity if it doesn't have a model. Certain entities want to be sent anyway because all the drawing logic is in the client DLL. They can set this flag and the engine will transmit them even if they don't have model
EFL_BOT_FROZEN256This is set on bots that are frozen
EFL_SERVER_ONLY512Non-networked entity
EFL_NO_AUTO_EDICT_ATTACH1024Don't attach the edict
EFL_DIRTY_ABSANGVELOCITY8192Some dirty bits with respect to abs computations
EFL_IN_SKYBOX131072This is set if the entity detects that it's in the skybox. This forces it to pass the "in PVS" for transmission
EFL_USE_PARTITION_WHEN_NOT_SOLID262144Entities with this flag set show up in the partition even when not solid
EFL_TOUCHING_FLUID524288Used to determine if an entity is floating
EFL_NO_THINK_FUNCTION4194304Avoid executing the entity's Think
EFL_DONTBLOCKLOS33554432Entity shouldn't block NPC line-of-sight
EFL_DONTWALKON67108864NPCs should not walk on this entity
EFL_NO_DISSOLVE134217728The entity shouldn't dissolve
EFL_NO_MEGAPHYSCANNON_RAGDOLL268435456Mega physcannon can't ragdoll these guys
EFL_NO_WATER_VELOCITY_CHANGE536870912Don't adjust this entity's velocity when transitioning into water
EFL_NO_PHYSCANNON_INTERACTION1073741824Physcannon can't pick these up or punt them
EFL_NO_DAMAGE_FORCES-2147483648Doesn't accept forces from physics damage