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  boolean Entity:GetSpawnEffect()


Returns if we should show a spawn effect on spawn on this entity.


1 boolean
The flag to allow or disallow the spawn effect.


Taken from sandbox's cl_init.lua

function GM:NetworkEntityCreated( ent ) -- -- If the entity wants to use a spawn effect -- then create a propspawn effect if the entity was -- created within the last second (this function gets called -- on every entity when joining a server) -- if ( ent:GetSpawnEffect() && ent:GetCreationTime() > ( CurTime() - 1.0 ) ) then local ed = EffectData() ed:SetEntity( ent ) util.Effect( "propspawn", ed, true, true ) end end
Output: Checks if the entity has the spawnEffect flag set to true and checks if it was created in the last second, and then shows the propspawn effect.

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