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  Entity constraint.Pulley( Entity Ent1, Entity Ent4, number Bone1, number Bone4, Vector LPos1, Vector LPos4, Vector WPos2, Vector WPos3, number forcelimit, boolean rigid, number width, string material, table color )


Creates a pulley constraint.


1 Entity Ent1
2 Entity Ent4
3 number Bone1
4 number Bone4
5 Vector LPos1
6 Vector LPos4
7 Vector WPos2
8 Vector WPos3
9 number forcelimit
Amount of force until it breaks (0 = unbreakable)
10 boolean rigid
Whether the constraint is rigid.
11 number width
Width of the rope.
12 string material
Material of the rope.
13 table color
The color of the rope. See Color.


1 Entity
Constraint. Will return false if the constraint could not be created.