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Crash Reporting


So, your game is crashing. This article explains what to do to try to solve the issue, why it might be happening, and what to do to be most helpful in reporting the crash.

Common issues

The first thing you should do is eliminate common crash issues that are outside of our control.

Please visit the following articles on our official support website:

Addons & Mountable Games

If you just installed an addon, disable it and see if that stops the crashing. If so, then it's likely the addons fault. You will want to make sure to let the addon author know about the problem.

If that does not help, try disabling all of your addons and unmounting all your mountable games temporarily to see if that fixes the problem. If it does, you'll need to enable them one-by-one or in groups to see which one is causing the crash. It is also possible it's simply the sheer amount of addons you have installed.

You can safely and quickly run your game without any addons by adding -noworkshop -noaddons to your launch options for Garry's Mod through Steam. Once you are done testing, you can simply remove those 2 commands and the game will go back to normal.

Send a message to the creator of the addon, along with the specific error if any appear and what you were doing when the crash occurred.

Driver issues

If your game is crashing on start up without any error messages, it is very likely an issue with your drivers. You should try to update your drivers and if that doesn't work, roll them back to a version older than the one you initially had. Both AMD and NVidia drivers are known to create issues like this sometimes.

Game Updates

It's possible the crash is just due to a Garry's Mod update. In this case the only and the best thing you can do is to report the crash to the developers of the game, either on GitHub, email (found on the GitHub website linked below) or on the official Garry's Mod Discord Server. See below for more instructions on how to be most helpful.


Please make sure you meet the minimum specifications to play Garry's Mod, shown below.

You can find them on the Steam Store page for Garry's Mod.

If you don't use equivalent or better hardware, don't expect to run Garry's Mod. DirectX 7 and 8 are not supported.

Reporting bugs/crashes relating to Garry's Mod itself

If you're crashing - then just telling us you're crashing isn't very helpful. You need to provide information on how to reproduce the crash when possible, a crash dump or at the very least the console log at the moment of the crash.

If you were linked the page, that means we just want the information mentioned above from you.

If you are unsure how to report a crash, you can create a new issue on official Garry's Mod bug tracker, after reading the read me on the front page, and attach crash dumps as well as steps to reproduce if possible.

You can find out where to find crash dump files below. They should be of the date the crash happened.


You can find crash dumps in your game folder. (Usually SteamApps/common/GarrysMod/) They end with .mdmp. These contain information we can use to work out why you have crashed.


See this article on Valve Developer Wiki:


When you crash on OSX we will need to see your stack trace. You can get this when it crashes by clicking on "send report", then on "details". We need you to copy and paste everything from the white text box.

x86-64 beta branch

Crash dumps on the x86-64 beta branches are stored in the SteamApps/common/GarrysMod/crashes/ folder for all platforms. They have the .dmp extension.

More Information

While a crash dump on its own is useful, you can help us further by providing the following information:

  • What you were doing when the crash happened?
  • Can you make it crash again? If so, how? This is most helpful.

If it's a crash on startup, or when starting a new game:

  • Does it crash without any addons?
  • Does it crash on all maps?
  • Does it crash in singleplayer / multiplayer / both?


Other users may share your problem so general help can be found in the Official Discord.

Alternatively you can contact our Official Support Site.