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Map Testing

Map Testing

This page aims to provide tips and tricks that you can use while developing and testing maps that will help you ensure a quality map feeling

Map Vis

Map VIS is all about testing map visability and sightlines so that the engine is only drawing what the player can potentially see.

For more indepth information about this topic read Visibility Optomization from the valve developer wiki.

Console Commands

  • mat_leafvis 0/1/3

    • when enabled will draw a red box outline around the current visleaf the player is standing in
    • When passed 3, a red outline will be drawn around EVERY visleaf the player can see
  • mat_wireframe 0/1/2/3

    • Draws a wireframe around all geomtry in the level
      • 0 = Disabled
      • 1 = Draw borders and engine triangulation of all geometry
      • 2 = Same as 1 but wireframe is NOT visible through other brushes
      • 3 = Same as 1 but ONLY does the border, engine triangulation is NOT displayed.
  • r_lockpvs 0/1

    • When toggled it will lock the rendering to only what's visible to the Visleaf the player is standing in at the time of calling it. This is especially useful to be able to see what a visleaf is rendering from diffrent angles.
  • r_novis 0/1

    • Disabled the pvs system meaning the entire map will be drawn at all times

Finding causes for lag

Sometimes what is lagging the game isn't immediately recognizable so knowing how to find sources of lag for maps can be useful for optimization.

for more indepth information read the Dedicated Showbudget Wiki Page

  • (+/-)showbudget
    • Displays (+) or hides (-) the showbudget panel allow you to see a graph of what engine systems are being utilized the most.