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Activates the entity. This needs to be used on some entities (like constraints) after being spawned.

For some entity types when this function is used after Entity:SetModelScale, the physics object will be recreated with the new scale. Source-sdk-2013.

Calling this method after Entity:SetModelScale will recreate a new scaled SOLID_VPHYSICS PhysObj on scripted entities. This can be a problem if you made a properly scaled PhysObj of another kind (using Entity:PhysicsInitSphere for instance) or if you edited the PhysObj's properties. This is especially the behavior of the Sandbox spawn menu.


Spawns a sent_ball on the player.

function ENT:SpawnMe(ply) local ent = ents.Create("sent_ball") ent:SetPos( ply:GetPos() ) ent:Spawn() ent:Activate() end