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  GM:StartCommand( Player ply, CUserCmd ucmd )
This hook is predicted. This means that in singleplayer, it will not be called in the Client realm.


Allows you to change the players inputs before they are processed by the server. This function is also called for bots, making it the best solution to control them.

This is basically a shared version of GM:CreateMove.

This hook is predicted, but not by usual means, it is called when a CUserCmd is generated on the client, and on the server when it is received, so it is necessary for this hook to be called clientside even on singleplayer


1 Player ply
The player
2 CUserCmd ucmd
The usercommand


Example of how you'd control a bot using this hook.

The example causes all bots to go kill any players they can get to with crowbars.

hook.Add( "StartCommand", "StartCommandExample", function( ply, cmd ) -- If the player is not a bot or the bot is dead, do not do anything -- TODO: Maybe spawn the bot manually here if the bot is dead if ( !ply:IsBot() or !ply:Alive() ) then return end -- Clear any default movement or actions cmd:ClearMovement() cmd:ClearButtons() -- Bot has no enemy, try to find one if ( !IsValid( ply.CustomEnemy ) ) then -- Scan through all players and select one not dead for id, pl in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do if ( !pl:Alive() or pl == ply ) then continue end -- Don't select dead players or self as enemies ply.CustomEnemy = pl end -- TODO: Maybe add a Line Of Sight check so bots won't walk into walls to try to get to their target -- Or add path finding so bots can find their way to enemies end -- We failed to find an enemy, don't do anything if ( !IsValid( ply.CustomEnemy ) ) then return end -- Move forwards at the bots normal walking speed cmd:SetForwardMove( ply:GetWalkSpeed() ) -- Aim at our enemy if ( ply.CustomEnemy:IsPlayer() ) then cmd:SetViewAngles( ( ply.CustomEnemy:GetShootPos() - ply:GetShootPos() ):GetNormalized():Angle() ) ply:SetEyeAngles( ( ply.CustomEnemy:GetShootPos() - ply:GetShootPos() ):GetNormalized():Angle() ) else cmd:SetViewAngles( ( ply.CustomEnemy:GetPos() - ply:GetShootPos() ):GetNormalized():Angle() ) ply:SetEyeAngles( ( ply.CustomEnemy:GetPos() - ply:GetShootPos() ):GetNormalized():Angle() ) end -- Give the bot a crowbar if the bot doesn't have one yet if ( SERVER and !ply:HasWeapon( "weapon_crowbar" ) ) then ply:Give( "weapon_crowbar" ) end -- Select the crowbar cmd:SelectWeapon( ply:GetWeapon( "weapon_crowbar" ) ) -- Hold Mouse 1 to cause the bot to attack cmd:SetButtons( IN_ATTACK ) -- Enemy is dead, clear our enemy so that we may acquire a new one if ( !ply.CustomEnemy:Alive() ) then ply.CustomEnemy = nil end end )