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The structure used by Structures/VehicleParams.


number brakeFactor
Vector offset
Vector raytraceCenterOffset
Vector raytraceOffset
number suspension_maxBodyForce
number suspension_springConstant
number suspension_springDamping
number suspension_springDampingCompression
number suspension_stabilizerConstant
number torqueFactor
Vector wheelOffset
number wheels_brakeMaterialIndex
Material index of braking material of the wheels. Upon braking, the wheels will be set to this material.
number wheels_damping
number wheels_frictionScale
number wheels_inertia
number wheels_mass
Mass of each wheel.
number wheels_materialIndex
Material index of the wheels by default.
number wheels_radius
Radius of the wheels.
number wheels_rotdamping
number wheels_skidMaterialIndex
Material index of skid material of the wheels. Upon skidding ( pressing Space and sliding the vehicle ), the wheels will be set to this material.
number wheels_springAdditionalLength