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  Entity:EmitSound( string soundName, number soundLevel = 75, number pitchPercent = 100, number volume = 1, number channel = CHAN_AUTO, CHAN_WEAPON for weapons, number soundFlags = 0, number dsp = 0, CRecipientFilter filter = nil )


Plays a sound on an entity. If run clientside, the sound will only be heard locally.

If used on a player or NPC character with the mouth rigged, the character will "lip-sync". This does not work with all sound files.

When using this function with weapons, use the Weapon itself as the entity, not its owner!
This does not respond to SuppressHostEvents.

Issue Tracker: 2651


1 string soundName
The name of the sound to be played.

This should either be a sound script name (sound.Add) or a file path relative to the sound/ folder. (Make note that it's not sounds)

The string cannot have whitespace at the start or end. You can remove this with string.Trim.
2 number soundLevel = 75
A modifier for the distance this sound will reach, acceptable range is 0 to 511. 100 means no adjustment to the level. See SNDLVL enum

Will not work if a sound script is used.

3 number pitchPercent = 100
The pitch applied to the sound. The acceptable range is from 0 to 255. 100 means the pitch is not changed.
4 number volume = 1
The volume, from 0 to 1.
5 number channel = CHAN_AUTO, CHAN_WEAPON for weapons
The sound channel, see CHAN enum.

Will not work if a sound script is used.

6 number soundFlags = 0
The flags of the sound, see SND enum
7 number dsp = 0
The DSP preset for this sound. List of DSP presets
8 CRecipientFilter filter = nil
If set serverside, the sound will only be networked to the clients in the filter.


Plays sound from the first player on the server.

Entity(1):EmitSound( "garrysmod/save_load1.wav", 75, 100, 1, CHAN_AUTO ) -- Same as below Entity(1):EmitSound( "garrysmod/save_load1.wav" ) -- You can remove the arguments that have default values. Entity(1):EmitSound( "Weapon_AR2.Single" )