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NPC:AddEntityRelationship( Entity target, number disposition, number priority )


Makes the NPC like, hate, feel neutral towards, or fear the entity in question. If you want to setup relationship towards a certain entity class, use NPC:AddRelationship.

NPCs do not see NextBots by default. This can be fixed by adding the FL_OBJECT flag to the NextBot.


1 Entity target
The entity for the relationship to be applied to.
2 number disposition
A Enums/D representing the relationship type.
3 number priority
How strong the relationship is.


Spawns a manhack and makes it fear player 1.

local hack = ents.Create( "npc_manhack" ) hack:Spawn() hack:AddEntityRelationship( player.GetByID(1), D_FR, 99 )


Find wanted NPC class name and make them hate the entity.

function ENT:Think() local enemy = ents.FindByClass("npc_*") --Find any spawned entity in map with class beginning at npc for _, x in pairs(enemy) do --for every found entity do if !x:IsNPC() then return end -- if found entity is not NPC then do nothing if x:GetClass() != self:GetClass() then -- if found entity is not self entity then continue x:AddEntityRelationship( self, D_HT, 99 ) -- found entity will hate self entity self:AddEntityRelationship( x, D_HT, 99 ) -- self entity will hate found entity end end end

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