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Enumerations used by Entity:SetSolidFlags and Entity:GetSolidFlags.


FSOLID_CUSTOMRAYTEST1Ignore solid type + always call into the entity for ray tests
FSOLID_CUSTOMBOXTEST2Ignore solid type + always call into the entity for swept box tests
FSOLID_NOT_SOLID4The object is currently not solid
FSOLID_TRIGGER8This is something may be collideable but fires touch functions even when it's not collideable (when the FSOLID_NOT_SOLID flag is set)
FSOLID_NOT_STANDABLE16The player can't stand on this
FSOLID_VOLUME_CONTENTS32Contains volumetric contents (like water)
FSOLID_FORCE_WORLD_ALIGNED64Forces the collision representation to be world-aligned even if it's SOLID_BSP or SOLID_VPHYSICS
FSOLID_USE_TRIGGER_BOUNDS128Uses a special trigger bounds separate from the normal OBB
FSOLID_ROOT_PARENT_ALIGNED256Collisions are defined in root parent's local coordinate space
FSOLID_TRIGGER_TOUCH_DEBRIS512This trigger will touch debris objects
FSOLID_MAX_BITS10The amount of bits needed to store the all the flags in a variable/sent over network.