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  GM:PlayerInitialSpawn( Player player, boolean transition )


Called when the player spawns for the first time.

See GM:PlayerSpawn for a hook called every player spawn.

This hook is called before the player has fully loaded, when the player is still in seeing the Starting Lua screen. For example, trying to use the Entity:GetModel function will return the default model (models/player.mdl).
You can send net messages starting from the player_activate event (see Game_Events).
Due to the above note, sending net messages to the spawned player in this hook are highly unreliable, and they most likely won't be received (more information here:

Workaround without networking:

local load_queue = {} hook.Add("PlayerInitialSpawn", "myAddonName/Load", function(ply) load_queue[ply] = true end) hook.Add("SetupMove", "myAddonName/Load", function(ply, _, cmd) if load_queue[ply] and not cmd:IsForced() then load_queue[ply] = nil myAddon:OnPlayerNetReady(ply) -- Send what you need here! end end)

With networking:

-- CLIENT hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "Ready", function() net.Start( "cool_addon_client_ready" ) net.SendToServer() end )
-- SERVER util.AddNetworkString( "cool_addon_client_ready" ) net.Receive( "cool_addon_client_ready", function( len, ply ) -- Send what you need here! end )


1 Player player
The player who spawned.
2 boolean transition
If true, the player just spawned from a map transition.


Prints the name of the player joining.

function GM:PlayerInitialSpawn(ply) print( ply:Nick() .. " joined the server." ) end -- That way you are overriding the default hook. -- You can use hook.Add to make more functions get called when this event occurs. hook.Add( "PlayerInitialSpawn", "some_unique_name", function( ply ) print( ply:Nick() .." joined the game." ) end)
Player1 joined the game.