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Table returned by util.GetSurfaceData.


name [string]

The name of the surface property, identical to util.GetSurfacePropName.

hardnessFactor [number]

How hard a surface is. If this is greater than or equal to another surfaces's hardThreshold, a hard impact sound will be used.

hardThreshold [number]

Hardness threshold for impact sounds. HitSurface.hardnessFactor >= InflictorSurface.hardThreshold - hard impact sound (depends on hardVelocityThreshold's value), HitSurface.hardnessFactor < InflictorSurface.hardThreshold - soft impact sound (always).

hardVelocityThreshold [number]

Velocity threshold for impact sounds. impactSpeed >= HitSurface.hardVelocityThreshold - hard impact sound (depends on hardThreshold's value), impactSpeed < HitSurface.hardVelocityThreshold - soft impact sound (always).

reflectivity [number]

Amount of sound reflected from the surface represented as a number 0.0 - 1.0. 0 - no reflection, 1 - fully reflected.

roughnessFactor [number]

How rough a surface is. If this is greater than or equal to another surfaces's roughThreshold, a rough scrape sound will be used.

roughThreshold [number]

Roughness threshold for friction sounds. HitSurface.roughnessFactor >= InflictorSurface.roughThreshold - rough friction sound, HitSurface.roughnessFactor < InflictorSurface.roughThreshold - soft friction sound.

climbable [number]

Indicates whether or not the surface is a ladder. Used to detect whether a player is on a ladder. 0 - false, > 0 - true.

jumpFactor [number]

Scalar multiplier for player jump height - or more accurately, applied z-axis velocity on a surface. For example, 1 - normal jump, 2 - twice as high, and 0.5 - half as high.

material [number]

The surface material. See Enums/MAT.

maxSpeedFactor [number]

Scalar multiplier for player speed. Achieves this by multiplying CMoveData:SetMaxSpeed in GM:Move.

dampening [number]

This is the physical drag on an object when in contact with this surface (0 - x, 0 none to x a lot).

density [number]

Material density in kg / m^3 (water is 1000). If a surface's density is < 1000, it will float in water. This is used to calculate the total mass of an object.

elasticity [number]

Collision elasticity - used to compute coefficient of restitution represented as a number 0.0 - 1.0. 0.01 is soft, 1.0 is hard.

friction [number]

Physical friction used to slow entities touching the surface represented as a number 0.0 - 1.0. 0.01 is slick, 1.0 is completely rough.

thickness [number]

Material thickness. If this is 0, the material is not volumetrically solid, and thus the object mass will be calculated as "volume * 0.0254^3 * density" where 0.0254 is meters per inch. If non-zero, the mass will be "surfacearea * thickness * 0.0254^3 * density".

breakSound [string]

Sound to play when a prop or func_breakable is broken.

bulletImpactSound [string]

Bullet impact sound with this surface.

impactHardSound [string]

Physical impact sound when hitting surfaces hard.

impactSoftSound [string]

Physical impact sound when hitting surfaces softly.

rollingSound [string]

Unused sound.

scrapeRoughSound [string]

Friction sound when roughly scraping against an entity.

scrapeSmoothSound [string]

Friction sound when smoothly scraping against an entity.

stepLeftSound [string]

Footstep sound for left foot.

stepRightSound [string]

Footstep sound for right foot.

strainSound [string]

Unused sound.