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  table jit.util.funcinfo( function func, number pos = 0 )


Retrieves LuaJIT information about a given function, similarly to debug.getinfo. Possible table fields:

  • linedefined: as for debug.getinfo
  • lastlinedefined: as for debug.getinfo
  • params: the number of parameters the function takes
  • stackslots: the number of stack slots the function's local variable use
  • upvalues: the number of upvalues the function uses
  • bytecodes: the number of bytecodes it the compiled function
  • gcconsts: the number of garbage collectable constants
  • nconsts: the number of lua_Number (double) constants
  • children: Boolean representing whether the function creates closures
  • currentline: as for debug.getinfo
  • isvararg: if the function is a vararg function
  • source: as for debug.getinfo
  • loc: a string describing the source and currentline, like "<source>:<line>"
  • ffid: the fast function id of the function (if it is one). In this case only upvalues above and addr below are valid
  • addr: the address of the function (if it is not a Lua function). If it's a C function rather than a fast function, only upvalues above is valid*


1 function func
Function or Proto to retrieve info about.
2 number pos = 0


1 table
Information about the supplied function/proto.


Demonstrates output of this function.

PrintTable(jit.util.funcinfo(print)) local print = print _G.print = function(...) print(...) end -- redefine print PrintTable(jit.util.funcinfo(print))
-- First PrintTable output: addr = 1773317824 ffid = 25 upvalues = 1 -- Second PrintTable output: linedefined = 1 currentline = 1 params = 0 stackslots = 2 source = @lua_run lastlinedefined = 1 children = false upvalues = 1 nconsts = 0 isvararg = true loc = lua_run:1 bytecodes = 5 gcconsts = 0