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Used for serverlist.Query.


GameDir [string]

The game directory to get the servers for

Default: "garrysmod"

Type [string]

Type of servers to retrieve. Valid values are:

  • "internet"
  • "favorite"
  • "history"
  • "lan"

AppID [number]

Steam application ID to get the servers for

Default: 4000

Callback [function]

Called when a new server is found and queried. Arguments:

number ping - Latency to the server.

string name - Name of the server

string desc - "Nice" gamemode name

string map - Current map

number players - Total player number ( bot + human )

number maxplayers - Maximum reported amount of players

number botplayers - Amount of bots on the server

boolean pass - Whether this server has password or not

number lastplayed - Time when you last played on this server, as UNIX timestamp or 0

string address - IP Address of the server

string gamemode - Gamemode folder name

number workshopid - Gamemode Steam Workshop ID

Return false to stop the query.

Finished [function]

Called when the query is finished. No arguments

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