Garry's Mod Wiki



Used for serverlist.Query.


string GameDir
The game directory to get the servers for

Default: "garrysmod"

string Type
Type of servers to retrieve. Valid values are internet, favorite, history and lan
number AppID
Steam application ID to get the servers for

Default: 4000

function Callback
Called when a new server is found and queried. Arguments:

number ping - Latency to the server.

string name - Name of the server

string desc - "Nice" gamemode name

string map - Current map

number players - Total player number ( bot + human )

number maxplayers - Maximum reported amount of players

number botplayers - Amount of bots on the server

boolean pass - Whether this server has password or not

number lastplayed - Time when you last played on this server, as UNIX timestamp or 0

string address - IP Address of the server

string gamemode - Gamemode folder name

number workshopid - Gamemode Steam Workshop ID

boolean isanon - Is the server signed into an anonymous account?

string version - Version number, same format as jit.version_num

string localization - Two digit country code, us if nil

string gmcategory - Category of the gamemode, ex. pvp, pve, rp or roleplay

Return false to stop the query.

function CallbackFailed
Called if the query has failed, called with the servers IP Address
function Finished
Called when the query is finished. No arguments