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  boolean GM:PreventScreenClicks()


This will prevent in_attack from sending to server when player tries to shoot from C menu.


1 boolean
Return true to prevent screen clicks.


Disables usage of the World Clicker feature, where a player can hold c to shoot at their cursor instead of their crosshair.

hook.Add( "PreventScreenClicks", "DisableWorldClicker", function() local pnl = vgui.GetHoveredPanel() if ( IsValid( pnl ) ) then if ( pnl:IsWorldClicker() ) then return true end while ( IsValid( pnl:GetParent() ) ) do pnl = pnl:GetParent() if ( pnl:IsWorldClicker() ) then return true end end else -- For when the cursor is outside of the game's window, there can be potential edge cases here return true end end )