Garry's Mod Wiki


  GM:PlayerSpawn( Player player, boolean transition )


Called whenever a player spawns, including respawns.

See GM:PlayerInitialSpawn for a hook called only the first time a player spawns.

See the player_spawn gameevent for a shared version of this hook.

By default, in "base" derived gamemodes, this hook will also call GM:PlayerLoadout and GM:PlayerSetModel, which may override your Entity:SetModel and Player:Give calls. Consider using the other hooks or a 0-second timer.


1 Player player
The player who spawned.
2 boolean transition
If true, the player just spawned from a map transition. You probably want to not touch player's weapons or position if this is set to true.


Prints a message when a player spawns.

function GM:PlayerSpawn( ply ) MsgN( ply:Nick() .. " has spawned!" ) end
Player1 has spawned!


Prints a message when a player spawns using a hook.

local function Spawn( ply ) print( ply:Nick() .. " has spawned!" ) end hook.Add( "PlayerSpawn", "some_unique_name", Spawn )
Player1 has spawned!