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scripted_ents.Register( table ENT, string classname )


Registers an ENT table with a classname. Reregistering an existing classname will automatically update the functions of all existing entities of that class.

Sub-tables provided in the first argument will not carry over their metatable, and will receive a BaseClass key if the table was merged with the base's. Userdata references, which includes Vectors, Angles, Entities, etc. will not be copied.


1 table ENT
The ENT table to register
2 string classname
The classname to register


local ENT = scripted_ents.Get("gmod_button") local oldUse = ENT.Use function ENT:Use( activator, caller, type, value ) print( tostring( self.Entity ).." just got pressed!" ) oldUse( self,activator, caller, type, value ) end scripted_ents.Register(ENT,"gmod_button")

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