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Recent Changes

4 Hours Ago
Player:OwnerSteamID64 - changelist/prerelease says serverside only
surface.DrawOutlinedRect - delete horriblee example + do not recreate the color table every frame + examaple that works out of the box
by Rubat
Entity:EmitSound - remove outdated info
by Rubat
PANEL:OnCursorExited - Addition of Warning
ENTITY:StoreOutput - Fixed "Show GitHub" link
by Rubat
by Rubat
NextBot:IsAbleToSee - mention this
by Rubat
Blocked_ConCommands - This command is blocked and not in the list
by Yogpod
Auto_Refresh - Corrected misspent word
by Knight_
4 Days Ago
Global.RecipientFilter - new arg + fix
by Rubat
by Rubat
by Rubat
by Rubat
DTree_Node:GetChildNodes - Created Page
by Rubat
util.TableToJSON - uhh don't store them as int but as strings?
5 Days Ago
DButton:SetImage - mention setmaterial
by Rubat
DCollapsibleCategory:Toggle - mention a way to get the state
by Rubat
6 Days Ago
DNumPad - can you please stay in the correct categoryh
by Rubat
Label - try this again ok + quickly now + please go back to correct category now
by Rubat
FingerVar - testing pls work
by Rubat
CRecipientFilter:AddPlayer - code formatting
by Rubat
DNumPad - testing
by Rubat
by Rubat
by Rubat
CRecipientFilter:AddPAS - minor changes
by Rubat
WEAPON:PrimaryAttack - Removed half-written line
by Repaler
7 Days Ago
Global.DermaMenu - minor changes
by Rubat
util.TableToJSON - added bug about integer overflow
by Rubat
by Rubat
constraint.FindConstraintEntity - all the default constraints
by Rubat
constraint.FindConstraints - mention all the default constraint types
by Rubat
derma.DefineSkin - formatting
by Rubat
Entity:EmitSound - rid of the StopLoopingSound notice, it was fixed
by Rubat
8 Days Ago
Global.GetHUDPanel - Oh yeah controls get disabled too
vgui.GetWorldPanel - The HUD panel is not parented to this panel, meaning it's NOT all panels
Global.GetHUDPanel - Added info about usage
Panel:NoClipping - Remove page link to deprecated function
GM:LoadGModSave - last arg is always 0
by Rubat
by Rubat
Player:OwnerSteamID64 - Created Page
by Rubat
NPC:NavSetWanderGoal - added retval
by Rubat
NPC:NavSetGoal - added retval
by Rubat
NPC:NavSetRandomGoal - added retval
by Rubat
NPC:NavSetGoalTarget - added retval
by Rubat
GM:OnLuaError - added the stack argument
by Rubat
DButton:SetMaterial - Created Page
by Rubat
IMaterial:GetVector4D - Created Page
by Rubat
IMaterial:SetVector4D - Created Page
by Rubat
NEXTBOT:OnEntitySightLost - Created Page
by Rubat
NEXTBOT:OnEntitySight - Created Page
by Rubat
DLabelEditable:GetAutoStretch - fix retval type
by Rubat
by Rubat
NextBot:SetMaxVisionRange - Created Page
by Rubat
NextBot:GetMaxVisionRange - Created Page
by Rubat
NextBot:IsAbleToSee - added default value for arg 2
by Rubat
by Rubat
by Rubat
by Rubat
NextBot:GetFOV - Created Page
by Rubat
NextBot:SetFOV - Created Page
by Rubat
9 Days Ago
Entity:Activate - Added note: Entity:SetModelScale() & recreated PhysObj
CUserCmd:SetImpulse - Mentioned the EF_NODRAW for impulse 200
CUserCmd:SetImpulse - Added impulse 200 to examples + re-organized examples as a list
Clientside_Scripts_For_Beginners - Covered in "Coding - Getting Started" but this one had cheats
10 Days Ago
File_Based_Storage - Consistency i think.
sql - i think you missed out the sql settings while reverting
sql - changed the title of the page
by Bully
11 Days Ago
Entity:GetLayerPlaybackRate - Bring back added tag
~user:104786 - no longer special >:3
vgui.RegisterTable - Added Source
vgui.RegisterFile - Added Source
vgui.Register - Added Source
vgui.GetControlTable - Added Source
vgui.CreateX - Added Source
vgui.CreateFromTable - Added Source
vgui.Create - Added Source
GM:PostEntityTakeDamage - revert 'added'
GM:PlayerChangedTeam - revert 'added'
GM:OnEntityWaterLevelChanged - revert 'added'
Player:SetSlowWalkSpeed - revert 'added'
Player:SetLastHitGroup - revert 'added'
Player:SetLadderClimbSpeed - revert 'added'
Player:GetSlowWalkSpeed - revert 'added'
Player:GetLadderClimbSpeed - 'revert' added
IMesh:IsValid - revert 'added'
PANEL:TestHover - revert 'added'
Entity:IsSequenceFinished - revert 'added'
input.TranslateAlias - revert 'added'
effects.GetList - revert 'added'
effects.BubbleTrail - revert 'added'
effects.Bubbles - revert 'added'
effects.BeamRingPoint - revert 'added'
util.Base64Decode - revert 'added'
IGModAudioChannel:GetPan - revert 'added'
IGModAudioChannel:GetTagsID3 - revert 'added'
IGModAudioChannel:GetTagsOGG - revert 'added'
IGModAudioChannel:SetPan - revert 'added'
Global.SentenceDuration - revert 'added'
Global.GetPredictionPlayer - revert 'added'
NPC:GetEnemyFirstTimeSeen - revert 'added'
NPC:GetEnemyLastKnownPos - revert 'added'
NPC:GetEnemyLastSeenPos - revert 'added'
NPC:GetEnemyLastTimeSeen - revert 'added'
NPC:GetWeapon - revert 'added'
NPC:GetWeapons - revert 'added'
NPC:HasEnemyEluded - revert 'added'
NPC:HasEnemyMemory - revert 'added'
NPC:PickupWeapon - revert 'added'
NPC:RememberUnreachable - revert 'added'
NPC:SelectWeapon - revert 'added'
NPC:SetIdealYawAndUpdate - revert 'added'
ENTITY:OnChangeActivity - revert 'added'
Entity:GetLayerSequence - revert 'added'
Entity:SetLayerSequence - revert "added"
utf8.GetChar - revert 'added'
utf8.sub - revert "added"
GM:PlayerCheckLimit - revert "added"
PLAYER:Death - revert "added"
GM:PlayerAmmoChanged - revert "added"
Player:PickupWeapon - revert "added"
Player:GetUseEntity - revert "added"
SANDBOX:CanArmDupe - revert "added"
GM:PreDrawViewModels - revert "added"
GM:OnScreenSizeChanged - revert of "added"
render.RedownloadAllLightmaps - added the new argh
by Rubat
12 Days Ago
Player:SpectateEntity - Issue #3267 has been resolved with June 2020 update
Player:Spectate - Added bug
by Bagel
debug.getlocal - Formatting + remove semicolons from examples
Global.type - Formatting
Entity:GetMaterialType - Better ouput readability + spacing
Vector:ToScreen - pairs to ipairs + formatting
Basic_scoreboard_creation - Formatting + code improvements
math.random - Spacing
math.BSplinePoint - Fix source code link + formatting
Specific_Operators - pairs => ipairs
Panel:SetCommand - Formatting + example improvements
DListView:GetLines - Better output readability
render.SetStencilEnable - pairs to ipairs in example
Panel:InsertColorChange - Formatting + examples improvements
RadioButton - Use ipairs instead of pairs in example
coroutine.create - Better output readability + use ipairs instead of pairs in example
Weapon:GetSlot - Add note for slot numbers start from 0 + formatting + example improvements
Panel:GetChildren - Spacing + remove key argument in example
table.SortByMember - Fix source code link + spacing
table.foreach - Spaces to tabs in examples
Panel:SetDragParent - Formatting + fix source code link + use ipairs instead of pairs in example
Entity:SetNWVector - ipairs and bruh
Entity:SetNWInt - Readabilty
NPC:MoveOrder - ipairs
NPC:TargetOrder - ipairs
GM:StartCommand - ipairs
gameevent.Listen - ipairs
NPC:GetNPCState - ipairs
NPC:GetEnemy - ipairs
Entity:Ignite - ipairs
PANEL:TestHover - Fuck you user 609689
Finding_the_Font_Name - resource instead of resources
Entity:GetMaterials - Well yes, you are generating a big table every frame. Of course it'll tax your performance, this doesn't need to be put on every page
by code_gs
Entity:GetMaterials - I discovered that calling this in each Think caused a 'crash' in FPS
by Niccep
WEAPON:ShootBullet - fixed the github line url thingy
by Bully
PANEL:TestHover - frame. center
GM:PostEntityTakeDamage - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update
GM:PlayerChangedTeam - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update + spacing
GM:OnEntityWaterLevelChanged - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update
Player:SetSlowWalkSpeed - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update + use key field
Player:SetLastHitGroup - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update
Player:SetLadderClimbSpeed - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update
Player:GetSlowWalkSpeed - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update + use key field
Player:GetLadderClimbSpeed - Remove "added" field because this function is available since March 2020 update