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boolean file.Exists( string name, string path )


Returns a boolean of whether the file or directory exists or not.


1 string name
The file or directory's name.
2 string path
The path of where to look for the file.

  • GAME Structured like base folder (garrysmod/), searches all the mounted content (main folder, addons, mounted games etc).
  • LUA or lsv - All Lua folders (lua/) including gamesmodes and addons.
  • DATA Data folder (garrysmod/data).
  • MOD Strictly the game folder (garrysmod/), ignores mounting.


1 boolean
Returns true if the file exists and false if it does not.


Prints whether the data folder exists in the base directory.

print( file.Exists( "data", "GAME" ) )
Output: true

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