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  Entity constraint.CreateKeyframeRope( Vector pos, number width, string material, Entity Constraint, Entity Ent1, Vector LPos1, number Bone1, Entity Ent2, Vector LPos2, number Bone2, table kv )


Creates a rope without any constraint.


1 Vector pos
Starting position of the rope.
2 number width
Width of the rope.
3 string material
Material of the rope.
4 Entity Constraint
Constraint for the rope.
5 Entity Ent1
First entity.
6 Vector LPos1
Position of first end of the rope. Local to Ent1.
7 number Bone1
Bone of first entity (0 for non-ragdolls)
8 Entity Ent2
Second entity.
9 Vector LPos2
Position of second end of the rope. Local to Ent2.
10 number Bone2
Bone of second entity (0 for non-ragdolls)
11 table kv
(Optional) Any additional key/values to be set on the rope.


1 Entity