Garry's Mod Wiki


  DSlider:SetLockX( number lockX = nil )


Sets the lock on the X axis.

For example the value 0.5 will lock the draggable panel to half the width of the slider's panel.


1 number lockX = nil
Set to nil to reset lock.

The value range is from 0 to 1.


Example of a slider that can be dragged on the X and Y axis.

local frame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" ) frame:SetSize( 500, 300 ) frame:Center() frame:MakePopup() local Slider = vgui.Create( "DSlider", frame ) Slider:SetPos( 50, 50 ) Slider:SetSize( 100, 100 ) Slider:SetLockX() Slider:SetLockY()