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Tool Information Display

This page describes how to use TOOL.Information.

You can find source code for it here.

Here's an example:

if CLIENT then TOOL.Information = { { name = "info", stage = 1 }, { name = "left" }, { name = "right" }, { name = "right_use", icon2 = "gui/e.png" }, { name = "reload" }, { name = "reload_use", icon2 = "gui/e.png" }, } language.Add( "tool.example.1", "See information in the context menu" ) language.Add( "tool.example.left", "Select an object" ) language.Add( "tool.example.right", "Select next mode" ) language.Add( "tool.example.right_use", "Select previous mode" ) language.Add( "tool.example.reload", "Select yourself" ) language.Add( "tool.example.reload_use", "Select your view model" ) end

For each table inside the TOOL.Information a new line of text is added to the Tools help HUD.

Key explanations

  • name - Overrides the localization string to #tool.<toolclassname>.<name> (<toolclassname> is the filename of your tool)

    • Default value is info, which will display tool.<toolclassname>.<toolstage>, like all tools that do not use TOOL.Information do.
  • icon - A path to the first icon

  • icon2 - A second icon path, for key combination icons

  • stage - Makes the text only appear for given stage ( Tool:SetStage )

  • op - Makes the text only appear for given operation ( Tool:SetOperation )

Default icon fallbacks

Certain names have a default fallback icons:

  • If your name ends on use and you do not override the icon2, icon2 will be E key. ( gui/e.png )
  • If your name starts with info - default icon is gui/info
  • If your name starts with left - default icon is LMB icon ( gui/lmb.png )
  • If your name starts with right - default icon is RMB icon ( gui/rmb.png )
  • If your name starts with reload - default icon is R key icon ( gui/r.png )
To change what the screen on the ToolGun model looks like - see TOOL:DrawToolScreen