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Default Fonts

Default Fonts

This page describes a list of fonts available for use by default on all clients.

You can create new custom fonts using surface.CreateFont. Note that you cannot use the fonts in this page directly as font names for surface.CreateFont! You must use the font resource name instead, as explained in: Structures/FontData.

Default fonts

These fonts are defined in the Source SDK's ClientScheme.res

  • DebugFixed
  • DebugFixedSmall
  • Default
  • Marlett
  • Trebuchet18
  • Trebuchet24
  • HudHintTextLarge
  • HudHintTextSmall
  • CenterPrintText
  • HudSelectionText
  • CloseCaption_Normal
  • CloseCaption_Bold
  • CloseCaption_BoldItalic
  • ChatFont
  • TargetID
  • TargetIDSmall
  • HL2MPTypeDeath
  • BudgetLabel
  • HudNumbers

The following fonts are Garry's Mod specific and are used by the Derma UI elements:

  • DermaDefault - 13px Tahoma (Helvetica on mac), anti-aliased
  • DermaDefaultBold - same as above, but bold and not anti-aliased
  • DermaLarge - Roboto, 32px, anti-aliased

The following font is used by the notification:

  • GModNotify

The following fonts are used by the default scoreboard in the base gamemode:

  • ScoreboardDefault
  • ScoreboardDefaultTitle

Sample image:


Sandbox fonts

Used by the tool gun:

  • GModToolName
  • GModToolSubtitle
  • GModToolHelp
  • GModToolScreen - Used in the tool gun screen
  • ContentHeader - Used by the spawnmenu headers
  • GModWorldtip - Used by the world tips, when looking at Sandbox entities

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