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A brush surface object returned by Entity:GetBrushSurfaces.

Brush surfaces are a part of what makes up the map geometry aside from displacements. Any primitive brush model, including most breakable windows, can be represented by this object.

This object internally uses the SurfaceHandle_t class, which is an alias for msurface2_t*.


IMaterial SurfaceInfo:GetMaterial()
Returns the brush surface's material.
table SurfaceInfo:GetVertices()
Returns a list of vertices the brush surface is built from.
boolean SurfaceInfo:IsNoDraw()
Checks if the brush surface is a nodraw surface, meaning it will not be drawn by the engine. This internally checks the SURFDRAW_NODRAW flag.
boolean SurfaceInfo:IsSky()
Checks if the brush surface is displaying the skybox. This internally checks the SURFDRAW_SKY flag.
boolean SurfaceInfo:IsWater()
Checks if the brush surface is water. This internally checks the SURFDRAW_WATER flag.